Marketing Segmentation: A Furniture Company and The Pet Care Industry.

In the 4th quarter of 2019, our favorite media source and industry leaders began forecasting trends for 2020. Insight into what industries can expect in the area of service, technology, and innovation just to name a few.

Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of spending quality time with a variety of pets, most recently with man’s best friend. Not realizing at the time, how this would present an opportunity to observe the characteristics, and behavior of four different breeds. Being domesticated species of the animal kingdom, physical attributes did not matter (small, middle, large; pure breed, mix, a mutt; puppy or older). The behavior once entering a dog park was similar; play, run, and socialize with the other dogs. Note: this is not initially a behavior that is common among all dogs.

Unexpectedly, I notice an advertisement for a dog couch from Blvd Co. Blvd Co specializes in handcrafted sofas whos’ end-user is the female/male adult market. In my opinion, Blvd Co’s dog park ad placement promoting their pet line of couches would be considered “savvy advertising when it is least expected”.

Companies such as Casper and La-Z-Boy have also, expanded their brands into the pet care market. In 2018 this industry has grown into a lucrative $225 billion dollar business. A fact not lost on these companies. So, who is your target market (end-user) and how do you reach them? Analyzed data is valuable in understanding consumer behavior, consumer engagement, and brand/product performance within the marketplace.

Data collection in all forms is essential to a companies’ data marketing strategy. Whether, it is collected through digital partnership, social networking, automation, or artificial intelligence (AI).

Here are 5 brands that have found a way to stand out in the pet care market.

  1. Blvd A new type of sofa company; local area flyer.
  2. DogTV: Programming via premium cable channel (Dish, Direct,..etc.)
  3. SpotOn.Pet: Pet-friendly passage service the Uber, Lyft of the pet taxi industry.
  4., proven healthy dog food, a whole food counter – Petco
  5. Pet insurance: Nationwide Pet Insurance. Time magazine January 20, 2020.

 How does your brand utilize data to differentiate in today’s’ market and what technology is used to create personalized content or take advantage of predictive analytics? Follow/Join the convention.


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Cause Marketing  Campaign: Gift Unwrapped

Team: Partnership, Collaboration, Leadership

While having a conversation in mid-October with a sports fan I was told the New York Giants were done for the season. What? I replied the season just started. Although, lately I have not watched an entire football game in years. Nor, have I listen to my usual sports radio commentary. rawpixel-558597-unsplashHowever, growing up in the Midwest I was surrounded by huge football fans: Cleveland Brown, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers and Indiana Colts.  As well as, the rivalry between neighboring college teams Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines.

It’s safe to say I am familiar with the game of football. I can identify my initial love for the game and the excitement I experienced as a viewer when, Fran Tarkington would unleash his amazing arm in his role as quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.  This was one of the most impressive eras of leadership, trust and ability to connect with his teammates I had ever witness. There have been a number of great football (professional/college) moments but that was my initial introduction.

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Customer Experience- It is clear the dialogue between business and consumer can co-create the next wave of innovation and technology.

The game is all about customer experience. Currently, Amazon Prime is far ahead of the competition when it comes to creating the best overall brand experience. Like with the Amazon Dash system (online retailer) continues to build on its relationship with Prime customers.

Amazon Prime continues to re-define the current state of play in the business-to-consumer market space. Here are three good examples:

  1. Amazon Books, local retail bookstore located in cities across the country: New York, Boston, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle and Portland. Book shelves are filled with selection based on Amazon customer ratings.
  2. Amazon Go “Just Walk Out Technology” cashier-free smart grocery store located in Seattle.
  3. Amazon Prime Day 2017 exclusively for Prime members a one day only shopping event beginning 9pm Monday, July 10, 2017 thru Tuesday, July 11, 2017. 30 hours of savings with special deals every 5 minutes.

“It is clear the dialogue between business and consumer can co-create the next wave of innovation and technology” Waller, J, (2016, May 22) Posted to “It is clear has a savvy team in place”.

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Cause Marketing Campaign: Gift Unwrapped

Brand Management, Innovation and Social Networking.

If everything is running smoothly, no one would willingly go through a changeover. Given a choice why would anyone tip over the apple cart?  Right, well, here are a couple of reasons to consider. First, 2017 is trending to be the year of acquisition.  Secondly, due to what business’ large and small will or have experience is a shift in brand management strategy. Influencing three core areas: Client, Competition and Operation.


Gradually making small modifications in each area will turn what was once a business model in theory. Into the reality of what is now a working functional business model. It is not always as seamless as when you think of the transition from caterpillar to butterfly.

In 2016 there where an estimate of over 200 Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the tech industry alone. According, to Dealogic (Jan 3, 2017) 2016 was the “second-best year for acquisitions at $612.9 billion in tech deals”. Deals ranging anywhere from: mobile device manufacturing; social networking service; analytical tools; to new and improved cyber security platform. The advantages of a successful acquisition will hopefully contribute to growth. Reduce time spent in Research and Development (R&D). Get the product or service on the market and to customers’ faster. While, creating what companies strive for competitive advantage.

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Loyalty, Communication and Listening.

Redefining relationships and how some brands value their community utilizing Social Media. Community could be defined as: Clients; individual or corporate sponsors. Customers; wholesale or retail clients buying in-store or online via e-commerce. Associates; organizations or industry leaders. So, what is the Social Media strategy when it comes to engagement?


Recently, I heard the term “rocking out the fourth quarter”. Metaphorically speaking regardless of the variation we understand the similarity in meaning. Give it your all, keep your head in the game there is still time on the clock. Sounds like a cliché but there it is. On this occasion the forum speaker was comparing it to the fourth quarter of a football game.

Prior to looking at the fourth quarter (2016) and ways The Hershey Company (HSY) founded 122 years ago could succeed in “rocking out the fourth quarter”.  I wanted to briefly look at how they have strategically valued their connections to community.

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